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Our Mission

"Are you guys famous? Have you done TV shows?"

Um ... how does that matter? :-P Drea has been featured in newspapers, local news in Denver, Colorado a "Most Haunted" episode for ABC Family, and a few books ... but how does that make the science better or worse? It doesn't. We do this for the sake of it, not the fame. We will never knowingly seek out the notoriety, it's not what we're here for after all.

Where does Anam stand on group 'competition'?
There is entirely too much competition amongst all the groups and teams. Too much 'high school' mentality about what we are doing, who is doing what, who hates or likes whom, etc. It's simply not our way and we would rather not be part of all that. We would much rather simply do our jobs as we see fit without the drama involved in many other scenarios. We are here to only do our jobs in this field, no matter who does or does not approve. To be honest much has gone wrong in the paranormal community in the last ten years or so when the study becomes less about adding data to the large and ever-growing pool of information about hauntings and urban legends, and instead turns into a popularity contest filled with autograph sellers and fame seekers.  

What kind of team is Anam?
What kinds are there again, let's see ... some have said there are point-and-click only teams, who are useless to the paranormal world. There's supposedly professionals. There are Tour-group-only teams. The list goes on and on. Is any one type of team better than another because they have a TV Show or are featured in tons of magazines? What makes one team 'professional' and one 'amateur'? I mean, are colleges racing to hand out brochures and documentation on becoming a professional paranormal investigator? Pardon my bluntness, other teams, but get over it LOL How you behave on investigation and your methodology makes you professional, that is all. It means nothing but you act in a professional manner. We call ourselves professional, because each of us is expected to behave ourselves in the field. But no matter how many years of experience we have, or you have, or the lady in the next town has ... none of us are truly documented professionals. This 'science' is not even a recognized science yet. So instead of name calling other teams, just do your thing and focus on the work. Contribute to the field instead of having a bitch slapping contest over other teams.

Why mix science and Psychic?
Is this science or is this psychic hoo ha? We do use psychic's in our team, yes. But does that make the science of the readings any less worthwhile? We don't think so in this group and welcome all input to this very much misunderstood field of study. If our EMF is going nuts and the images show nothing then we are at least contributing to some EMF studies on the area in question. Again ... this is a field that common science ignores as just junk. We all need to contribute to the data pool as a whole and one day perhaps we will be taken seriously. I hope I'm around to see that happen, but who knows when it will happen.

How much does Anam charge?
Nothing. Never in the history of this team nor any other team run by Drea has any charging been done with the exception of Ghost Tours in Central City, where the proceeds went fully to the Gilpin Historical Society. We won't condemn those that do charge for their investigative services, but we will never be one of them. The way we look at it is this: You are allowing us into your homes and businesses for the sake of investigation and research ... we owe you gratitude for allowing us in there do get the data, not the other way around.

What is Anam's ultimate goal?
Very simply - helping. We are here for the hauntings, the people plagued by fear of them, and the clarification of urban legends that might be scaring the wits out of people. Over all the years in this field we've found that many people are intrigued by hauntings, but an equal amount fear them beyond all reason. So many people experience abnormal things, and hide them away ashamed to admit they 'thought they saw' something. We're here to help any of the above. Help those that are intrigued and want to know more. Help those who are in fear and need some peace of mind. Help anyone who asks for it.

We are also here to help contribute to the community of paranormal research as a whole, by adding our data to the public and allowing anyone to see it all without reservation.

Our Members
Founder and Lead:  Drea Penndragon
Investigators: Lexi, Barbara Oldham