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Kansas Haunts, Legends, and Stories

This list is still being compiled for Kansas as there is a TON of ghost stories and hauntings to go through and research for Kansas.  What you see below is what is finished under our term of "Quick research" and by no means historically accurate or complete.  Also, just because it's on this list doesn't mean it's haunted, so make NO assumptions. This is just a compilation of what is 'said' to be haunted.
This page will be constantly changing as more is done so keep an eye out here!

This list is a work in progress that could take years!

Alma Cemetery
Two haunt stories with this one.
One basic story is that the dead buried there are still active. Images captured at night are reportedly ‘unbelievable’.  
The second story is the legend of the Devil’s Chair. Apparently in the 1800’s a mean old farmer owned all that land around the time the city was being built. The town couldn’t get him to sell his land to them, despite a lot of effort. As legend goes he was shoved into his well while collecting water, out of spite. Or possibly he just fell in. Either way the city builder’s went to talk to him some more about selling and noticed the nasty smell in the well and called in Police. The Sheriff claimed there was nothing and no one in the well, and ordered it sealed up and announced that the report was to be forgotten about. So the city got his land anyway, because I guess once you’re dead in a well you lose your land.  

The term Devil’s Chair popped up as a joke about the well looking like a seat as people in the 80’s and then later dared each other to sit on top of the well. The legends say that whomever sits on top of that well will disappear and never be heard from again, and that dozens of people have disappeared that way.

From the Historical Society of the area:
"I have heard about the Devil's chair, but just thought it was a silly story kids told each other to try to scare each other.
Have not heard the part about the farmer. I do know that it has been posted in different places. I am pretty sure it is
just one of those made up stories. I have never heard of anyone sitting the chair and then disappearing."

Wabaunsee High School
It is reported that staff and students alike are experiencing odd occurrences throughout the school, especially on the third floor. A junior-senior class English teacher was said to have been alone and grading papers when she noticed the lights in the auditorium were flickering off and on, with voices echoing from inside. When she went to check if it was students in there, the doors were locked, but the lights kept flickering. She got her key and unlocked the doors, and suddenly all lights and voices stopped. She entered, looked around a bit, and found nothing. When leaving the auditorium, she found every locker on that floor opened up, even those with padlocks. As she locked the auditorium up, all the lockers slammed shut at once. Rumor has it, that same teacher on another occasion heard music from the auditorium and went to check that out as well, and witnessed a ghostly woman playing an instrument, and she supposedly identified it as the ghost of a former band teacher who had died a few years earlier of cancer.  
912 Missouri, Alma, KS 66401

Church of Gods Word
The stories say that day or night you can see shadow figures moving about. Lights turn themselves on, and 
objects turn on without being connected to any power source. Have to drive out to see which building it is 
now, since no one on the interwebs seems to know which church this used to be.

The Globe
An editor supposedly died under mysterious circumstances, and is now said to haunt the newspaper office. There are apparently several witnesses who claim to have been working late and hear or see the back door open and close by itself after it’s been locked. 
Contact information:
308 Commercial Street Atchison, KS 66002, 913.367.0583

Jackson Park
The legend of Molly’s Hollow is that she was an African American woman who was in love with and dating a white man. Rumor states that she was lynched and hung there by those who didn’t want their love to happen. A second legend is that Molly was a lovely young white woman who was found dead in the park after her prom, hung from a tree and her clothing badly torn. It is suggested that her date and she had fought the night before, after the prom. In his anger he drove off and left her in the park alone.

Witnesses claim to have seen her ghostly figure hanging from a tree, and heard her screams and cries in the night.  
The park is located at 6th & College, Atchison, KS 66002

Internet history searches can’t come up with any woman named Molly dying in the park, so the source of this legend goes unknown. A book costing well over $50 is available to purchase if you feel the need, that claims they got the truth and facts behind the haunting. I can’t verify this as I do not want to spend over $50 on a small paperback… but if you have money to spare and feel like buying it:
The Ghost of Molly's Hollow by Linda F. Slebodnik

Atchison Street
Once called Ferry Street, this road goes down a hill towards the Missouri River, where the ferry at a landing was waiting for passengers to board it. The legend says that a woman travelling down the very steep hill lost control of her horses and buggy and the entire contraption became unhitched and her buggy went fast and uncontrolled into the icy river with her trapped inside. It is said her body was never recovered and that today men walking along the riverbank can hear her calling to them to join her in the water below.
No historical searches could come up with this woman’s death on records, nor her name nor any mention of this happening. Documentation of the time might have been lacking, so who knows. It might have happened, it might not … up to evidence to support a haunting or not.

Gargoyle House
Built in 1884-85 by Balie "B.P." Waggener. Waggener is said to have gained a massive legal library and was rumored to have the best collection in all of Kansas. He was practiced law and became a politician in his time. Mr. Waggner was also a Mason, being a Knight Templar and a Thirty-second degree member of the Scottish Rite, and also a member of the Shrine. Despite the fear around his old house, he seemed to be a very generous and decent man, holding a picnic for the children of the town to celebrate his birthday each year.  

It is said that Mr. Waggener, a man who displayed a sense of humor told many he had garnered his riches and power by making a deal with Satan which some apparently took quite literally. While gargoyles are said to fend off evil spirits, the story here was that they were displayed as a type of symbol of the covenant.  

Legend has it that one homeowner, who attempted to remove the gargoyles, fell to his death on the staircase. Although the current owners claim it’s just a normal house, A segment on the Travel Channel reported that Kansas City Ghost Hunters, while visiting the home, picked up the presence of ghosts on their special equipment and reported having felt a presence in the house. This house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 3, 1974 and is located at 819 N. 4th Street.

North 3rd Street Home 
Rumor has it the house was owned and lived in by Nellie Trueblood, a spinster schoolteacher who never married or sought out friends until the day she died in the house. Upon the house reselling after her death, the new owners started to renovate and Nellie didn’t approve. Balls of light were seen measuring up to 24 inches, by sight, which always floated around just out of reach. Scared witless the renovations came to a halt.  
Her nephew came forward in 2012 and says that his Aunt was not a bereft spinster. That she, in fact, never died in the home. Instead she passed away in the Atchison Hospital in 1958. He is quoted as saying, “I'm not surprised to hear Nellie may haunt the 3rd. St. home. But that haunting would not be at all negative, beyond a possible desire for the old home to remain as it always was. She came from a large family and there was a lot of love in that old home."

Riverview Drive Home
This home is said to have lots of strange electrical issues. TV’s go off and on, stereo’s turn on at full volume all on it’s own. Noises and sounds that have no explanation to them. It is rumored that a past tenant here heard a noise, called out to her dog and got a ghost wafting into the room instead of her dog. The ghostly lady was wrapped in a shroud and it came directly at the living woman in her room, smoothed out a nice little spot on the bed and sat down. The living tenant responding by screaming her head off and promptly dashing from the room, hearing the attic door slam as she ran. Also, apparently when ghosts come to stay over in the house they are told to put their luggage at a space on the top of the stairs. That space leads to the attic. But I guess don’t like that spot blocked or realllly dislikes suitcases, because the guests stuff are found tossed to the bottom of the stairs.
Can’t seem to find the address to this one

The Empty Lot
This large empty lot at the corner of 12th and O Streets was once the site of the Atchison Cemetery. The cemetery was eventually moved, but 100 bodies were not accounted for and remain beneath the ground at this location. 

There have been no reported ghost sightings at this location, but that may be because people avoid this abandoned cemetery.

Kearny & 5th Street Home
Former owners say a friendly ghost lives in this house. Lots of mysterious happenings in here have been reported. Sounds of walking through the house being one of them. One of the former owners say that the ghost actually helped him put on a jacket, and he turned to thank his wife on the assumption it had been her, but no one was there. The wife, on another occasion, says that when she and he were leaving she commented off handedly that she would love to have tea when she got home. Upon arriving home a tea kettle was whistling and a tea cup and full set up were waiting for her.  

The current owners report that when they bought it, it was totally furnished including all the old pictures on the wall. They took down some of those paintings and wrapped them carefully to store in the basement, but when they woke up the next morning the paintings were rehung.

The Heartland Ghost, North 2nd Street Home – Sallie, the "Heartland Ghost,” is said to haunt this house that once belonged to a local doctor. Long ago, six-year old Sallie grew terribly sick during the night with severe abdominal pains. Sallie’s mother rushed her to the doctor’s house, where his family lived on the upper floor and he operated his practice on the main floor. Doc diagnosed Sallie with a severe case of appendicitis, requiring immediate surgery. The little girl panicked at the sight of the surgical tools and the doctor was forced to hold her down to give her ether. However, in his haste, the physician did not allow the anesthesia to take its full effect and began operating. Sallie awoke during the initial incision and began fighting and wresting against the pain. Before she died, she was said to have looked at the doctor with both fear and loathing, and remains within the house to this day.

In 1993, the house was rented to a young couple who reported that Sallie made an almost immediate appearance, playing frequent pranks such turning electrical appliances on and off, turning pictures upside down, and scattering their child’s toys about the nursery. Shortly after these harmless pranks, the ghostly activities turned malevolent, with the young husband suffering from frequent attacks. The couple also experienced a number of small spontaneous fires throughout the house. At their wits end, a psychic was consulted who informed the couple that there were actually two spirits within the house. The psychic indicated that it was not Sallie who was responsible for the malevolent activities, but rather a ghostly woman of about 30. While Sallie may have been responsible for the harmless pranks, it was this older woman who was the evil one. Allegedly, this mysterious woman was, at first, fond of the gentleman who lived in the house and tried to get close to him, while at the same time, attempting to drive a wedge between he and his wife. When she was unsuccessful at this, she began to attack the husband.
Finally, after the husband felt a strong shove from behind that nearly sent him over the stair railing, the couple could no longer take it and moved from the house. Since, this couple has moved, later residents have reported no activity occurring in the house.

Glick Mansion
Construction on the Glick Mansion was began in 1873 by George Washington Glick. Glick had moved to Atchison from Fremont, Ohio in the spring of 1859 with his wife Lizzie Ryder Glick, son Frederick H. and daughter with his Jennie. Soon, he established a law practice with the Honorable Judge Alfred G. Otis under the firm name "Otis & Glick". When the war between the states broke out, Glick served as a Union soldier in the 2d Kansas Regiment during the Civil War.

In April, 1873, Glick purchased two lots for $950.00 and razed a structure that was on the property to begin the building of the mansion. First built in the old Gothic Victorian style, construction of the grand structure would continue for the next 39 years.  In October of 1909, George deeded the Glick Mansion property to his daughter Jennie and her husband James Orr. Just two years later Glick died. When James Orr died in February, 1927, the mansion was left with Jennie until her death in 1944. Having no children, the estate was divided among relatives, friends, the First Church of Christ Scientist of Atchison, Kansas and the Atchison, Kansas Public Library. 

The mansion was then sold by the estate to the local mortician, named William Stanton Jr. in January 1945 for $4,000 dollars. After Mr. Stanton passed away in August, 1962, his wife Amelia sold the property to James M. and Christeen Griffith. It passed through several hands until it was purchased by its current owners Ray and Joyce Barmby, he currently own and operate the beautiful, restored mansion as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.  Along with the rest of Atchison, the Glick Mansion is also said to have a ghost of its own rattling around in this century old home. Allegedly, the strange sounds heard in the night are that of a resident benevolent ghost. The sounds of doors being opened and inexplicably closed by unseen forces is a common occurrence, as well as the sounds of footsteps when no one is around.

McInteer Villa
This stately mansion, called the McInteer Villa, at 1301 Kansas Avenue was built by Irish Immigrant, John McInteer in 1890. The villa was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 26, 1975 and odd phenomena is reported in the mansion, including lights turning on and off in the tower, which does not have electricity. People walking or driving past the building have often reported seeing figures at the windows when no one is in the house. Figures have often been reported to appear in photographs taken inside the old villa.

Benedictine College 
150 year old Benedictine College, is also said to be haunted. Supposedly the old monks who founded the place are hanging around. Mostly in Ferrell Hall, a campus dormitory. It all began in 1858, when the monks opened a boarding school with just six students. The following year, St. Benedict’s College was officially opened with 16 students.
From there, the college continued to grow into the beautiful 120 acre campus which now serves the educational needs of over 1000 students.

At another dormitory called Memorial Hall, several eerie things have been known to occur. According to legend, a girl who was in her closet changing, when the dresser mysteriously moved in front of the door. When she tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. Immediately believing her roommate was playing a prank on her, she yelled out "haha, very funny, let me out." However, her roommate wasn't even in the room. It wasn't until she began to scream at the top of her lungs, that someone finally came to her rescue.

Another girl reported that while she was at the mirror in her room, her desk chair began to rock, then suddenly stopped. Frightened she immediately left the room, and was to afraid to return for some time.
While all manner of freakish occurrences have been reported at the college, they are seemingly harmless to the students of Benedictine College.

Muchnic House
Built in 1885, this old home was host to frequent Saturday night parties. On one such evening, the event ran into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Having been kept up very late, a maid who had worked the party the prior evening overslept the next morning. Rushing from her bedchamber, she ran down the back staircase to the kitchen and fell to her death. Today, witnesses report that lights from the back staircase turn on and off by themselves on Sunday mornings, followed by the smell of cooking bacon from the kitchen when no one is there. This house, which serves as an Art Gallery today, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 12, 1974 and is located at 704 N. 4th Street.

The Majestic House
18936 262nd Road – This large three story native stone structure was built by the Brothers of St. Benedict’s Abbey in 1890. The building served as a Bed and Breakfast Inn for several years and was said to have been haunted by the old monks of Atchison. Both the owners and guests often reported hearing noises coming from the Music Room, that was once a chapel in the old building. Others have heard the sounds of doors opening and closing, seemingly on their own, and footsteps in the hallway, when no one was there. Sounds were often heard by people on the first floor coming from the story above, when no guests were there. Said to been a benevolent spirit, the owners of the B&B believed that their unearthly guest was that of an old monk, who continued to linger protecting the old building.

Theatre Atchison
401 Santa Fe Street - Built in 1913, as the First Church of Christ, Scientist, the building was modeled after the architectural lines of its Mother Church in Boston. In 1973, the Presbyterian Church bought the building and ten years later they created a community theater organization. Today the Building is known as the Presbyterian Community Center and is home to Theater Atchison. Allegedly, it is also home to an unearthly spirit. Guests often describe feeling an unknown presence with them while visiting the theater, while others working in the building describe odd noises that are often heard that have no apparent earthly cause.

The Santa Fe Depot
Built in 1880 as a freight depot for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, the old depot stands as a landmark. The restored building houses a Kansas visitor information center, historical museum and Chamber of Commerce offices. The Depot is reportedly haunted by the ghost of "Hangman Bill," a railroad worker known for his habit of hanging from freight being loaded on and off cars. However, this prankish skill got him killed one day when the cable carrying one of the loads snapped and he was buried beneath the freight cargo. At the Santa Fe Depot today, staff reports hearing the sound of footsteps coming from above; however the depot does not have a second floor.

The Riverhouse resturant has seen its fair share of various businesses. It was built in 1870 and was the headquarters of the Atchison-Nebraska Railroad. Later, it was a brothel, a coffee factory, peanut factory, candy factory, and finally the Riverhouse Restaurant. The brothel and beer house was very popular in Atchison, and both the wealthy and working men would spend their time here. If you go to this restaurant, be prepared to have items fall off your table, hearing heavy footsteps directly behind you, and company on the first floor’s ladies restroom. If you’re lucky, you can catch a manifestation of a woman.

Coon Creek Bridge
Located approximately 5 miles south of Barnes on All American Road, people claim to have seen the ghost of a young girl wandering through the woods on the east side of the bridge. No known deaths on or around the bridge so her appearance there seems to have no connection. No one has claimed to have heard her, she never makes any sound … just wanders around. The majority of her sightings are just before sunrise. The bridge lies between 5th and 6th roads.

The Beaumont Hotel
11651 SE Main Street, Beaumont, Kansas. 67012
(620) 843-2422
For part of its existence, the Beaumont Hotel was a sporting house. One of the women who worked at the hotel was married, but fell for one of her customers. Her jealous husband murdered the cowboy named Zeke. The staff some times see a figure of a cowboy at the top of the stairs when the hotel is empty. But the most common manifestation of the ghost is its messing with the hotel's clock radios. Sometimes several of them go off at the same time or the clock in one of the room go off more than once in the same night. Room 201 is the one most associated with the ghost. 

Blue Rapids
Schroyer Cemetery
Blue Rapids, Kansas is located in Marshall County on the eastern end of the state along the Kansas/Nebraska border. It is about 46 miles north of Manhattan, Kansas. Take Highway 77/10th Terrace Road east and then north out of Blue Rapids. Turn west onto Temple Road and then south onto 10th Road. Follow 10th Road until just before it turns sharply to the north and becomes 8th Road. Turn onto the Road that goes east. This road leads to Schroyer Cemetery.

In this hilltop cemetery you can find the last lonely grave of Mr. Schroyer. The reports say there are blue orbs flying about before the naked eye and sounds of demonic voices, as well as a visage of an old man walking through. The stories also say that you can see a child there, covered completely in hair, suffering a deformity, which was born to the Schroyer family but hidden away so no one would see him/her.  

US 56 & 189th Street
There have been reports for years of a man dressed in black walks the highway and disappears right before your eyes. Who he is or why he’s there is a mystery.

Childs Play Cemetery
I’m not even going to go into how often this exact set up of urban legend is repeated in every state … but here it goes. Before going here, wash your car, making sure the windows are clean as well. Go down the gravel road to the cemetery. Drive through slowly. Then go in to the cemetery stop and sit for about five minutes or so. You’ll probably hear a loud thud on your car and that’s when you leave. When you get to the next town, grab a flashlight or whatnot and look at your car. You will have a large handprint on your back glass, and lots of little handprints on your car body.

Childs Play Cemetery is located on N 14th St & Hudson St. Although there is no listing for a cemetery there. A look at the area with Google Earth shows not only nothing that resembles a cemetery (unless it’s hidden in all the trees, but no gravel road. If anyone knows how real the location actually is lemme know!

Jones Cemetery
Supposedly during a full moon you can see a man hanging from a tree. Again, no historical info could be found to support a hanging in this cemetery. But here's the story the internet tells: Sometime in 1864, a man named Edgar Miller made his way along the Santa Fe Trail. A large group of Indians overtook him, scalped him, and pierced his belly. When Edgar was found, his body had marks which indicated that he had been tortured. Two men, friends of Edgar Miller dug his grave at the site where Edgar’s body was found. The Indian uprisings taking place in the area at that time prevented the two men from digging Ed Miller’s grave any deeper than 2 ½ to 3 feet. Martin M. Jones obtained the land where Ed Miller’s grave is located in 1873. When he found the grave, he decided to use the surrounding land as a cemetery. Some of the earliest settlers of Canton, Kansas are buried in this cemetery that was once known as Fairview Cemetery. In 1906, a marker was finally placed over Ed Miller’s grave. How does this support a haunting of a hanged man? Who the hell knows!

The GPS coordinates for Jones Cemetery are 38.383 N and -97.386W.
Jones Cemetery is located east of Canton, Kansas. Follow Highway 56 east (Hwy 56 runs along the southern edge of Canton) to 29th Avenue. Take 29th Avenue north. Look for a road heading east BEFORE Moccasin Road. The cemetery is located in the middle of a field between 29th and 30th Avenue to the west and east respectively and Highway 56 and Moccasin Road to the south and north respectively. On maps of this location, it appears that there is no road leading in to Jones Cemetery, however, satellite images of the location show that there may be some very rough dirt roads or trail roads that lead in to the cemetery. Obtain permission before visiting this location as it appears that it is located on private property.

C&H lanes
104 N Allen Ave, Chanute, KS 66720
Cross Streets: Near the intersection of N Allen Ave and W Elm St
The story goes that a woman was bowling, and her finger became stuck in the ball. She was in mid toss, and instead of the ball releasing it popped her on the head and killed her instantly. You can supposedly hear her footsteps and the doors in the ladies room will shudder while you are in there. Pins knock themselves down when no one is around and lights flicker when she’s angry. Her name is supposedly Jackie.  

Now not finding any recorded deaths in that place, I went ahead and just pulled the unusual and just called them. I know right!! You can ask!! Who knew!!!!!

Anyhoo, an employee who has been there for 15 years tells me the following:
“Yes we have heard the rumors. I work here at night alone sometimes and haven’t seen anything that would indicate she’s here. In 15 years we’ve not had anyone die, so we don’t know where the stories come from.”

So there you go all, seems to be nothing but an urban legend. If we get more info (or more accurate info) We’ll post it here.

Wal-Mart Super Center 
2700 S Santa Fe Ave Chanute, KS 66720
In 1978 while the location was becoming a Walmart a man died in the parking lot while angry. Now he supposedly haunts the Walmart. He is said to play in the children’s isle, and misplaces items, also luring away children who disappear. Also, the power supposedly goes out every Halloween, and when his spirit get’s mad, the whole store gets extremely cold.
We spoke to management of this Walmart and it seems the land hadn’t been built up and that store put up until 2002 … so how did he die in their parking lot in 1978?

Clay Center
Hawks Landing Creek
The story is that you can hear little girls screaming in the distance while you are here. You will see a black shadow shapeshifter … possibly one of the people who supposedly died here. Research hasn’t brought up any further information about this spot
18th Street Rd and Clay

Diphtheria Hill
There is a hill outside of Clay Center, Kansas that lies beyond the Republican River Bridge which is 1-2 miles west along Route 24. Just beyond the bridge, there is a hill and at the top of the hill is a dirt road that veers off the main road. This dirt road leads into the cemetery. Located on a busy stretch of highway at a curve and the driveway into the cemetery and up the hill is not graveled or paved. The cemetery is located about 100 feet away from the busy highway. 

History according to the internet: victims of diphtheria were carried to the top of this hill because residents of the nearby community were afraid that the dead might contaminate the water supply. Sadly, some of the victims were rumored to have been buried alive.

It is said that you can hear voices of both adults and children, crying out and actually weeping. There is supposedly a lot of photographic evidence caught here, and EVP recordings as well.

Brown Mansion 
A good old turn of the century mansion that is supposedly filled with tragedy. A very rich Mr. Brown had lost all his children but one. Employees supposedly tell stories of hearing bowling pins in the basement where an alley used to be. The third story ballroom you can smell tobacco smoke in the old smoking room, and the sounds of party gusts still going on. A dashing man in his smoking jacket is sometimes spotted upstairs.
2109 Walnut St, Coffeyville, KS 67337
This location has ghost tours and seems to enjoy talking about the hauntings. 

Elmwood Cemetery
The first cemetery in the town, and a lot of older graves and headstones. The fallen Dalton Gang and the town’s Defenders from the gun battle of October 5, 1892 are here. The Dalton gang attempted to rob two banks at once in downtown Coffeyville. This place is a favorite dare of college students to visit here after midnight and survive the night of strange noises and shadows that chase you around the place.
1701 Elmwood Dr. Coffeyville, KS 67337

Dale apartments
Some tenants have reported on various blogs and message boards that shadowy apparitions are seen, and noises that cannot be accounted for (I.E. Screams, slamming doors, etc)
206 W 8th St # 1, Coffeyville, KS 67337

More coming as each story is looked up and more is found on each one.