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155 - Private Home

City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Private land, private location
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed
Location Status:  Legal Permissions needed
The Story
Residents reported a feeling of being watched and were a little worried about why. They had recently lost a dog due to illness and then moved into this new home afterwards. Resident #1 says she felt a little threatened and nervous in the home because she didn't know the cause of the feeling she was getting.

The Investigation
Three nights of visits to this home and we found there were a lot of anomalies that we couldn't find a natural cause for. Thumps and movement while we recorded without any humans inside, the sound of a dog that wasn't really there, and plenty of EMF strangeness!! We couldn't find any exact source of haunting as there seemed to be a human like presence there as well as the canine presence. After playing back some of the audio we recorded, the residents seemed to be a more at peace with the feeling in their home.  

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The Images
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  2. Managing Director
​A This is the second visit to this home.  Beth is asking the standard EVP Capture questions and you hear dog sounds as a response.
​Unattended recorder in the bathroom... you can hear us speaking in the further part of the house, and then a strange squeak that was not captured on any other recorder.
The Video
During remote infrared video you see a little orb or something moving downwards from the center.
Watch for the movement of something near the center of the full spectrum camera as it goes downward at a diagonal. 
The Conclusion
This home has active and intelligent activity. We classify this as haunted, although there is a lot more research to do into this land and area. The residents reported feeling better in the home once they viewed the files we've presented here and told them what we thought. It seems that there is some sort of human presence, although very weak and not prominent. The canine presence seemed to be the strongest and most willing to show up on the sound files. We have closed this case, as the residents have officially moved into another home.