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Topeka, Kansas
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147 - Curtis Family Cemetery

Type: Preliminary run
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Please respect the location!  
City: Topeka, Ks
Driving : Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Unknown. No gates or closed access, no hours posted.
The Story
The Curtis Family Cemetery is rumored to be haunted by a very active Mr. Curtis. Charles Curtis was vice-President under Hoover. He is not buried here however, and yet the story goes that he is the Tuxedo Man. The "Tuxedo man" appears near the tall obelisk gravestone, and other mists and things have been seen there.

The cemetery is very old, and historic ... I would like to ask anyone with zero courtesy and respect just stay the hell away from this one. The family and the land's caretaker has seen enough of disrespectful morons throwing trash around in there, laughing loudly, playing hide and seek, etc etc. People this is the final resting place of actual PEOPLE, so show some respect please. The more I read about the wrongs done to this small spot, the angrier I get. But I digress.

The Investigation
This was a one hour preliminary.   No temperature data to report.  The psychic side was blank ... I mean like we felt nada!  Which is odd because the EVP clearly shows there's a young girl in there unless our ears are playing tricks on us.

The EMF Charts
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The Images
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Guest caught this on his recorder, towards the end of the prelim.  He is just walking along, everyone is quiet and someone says "hello" to him.  Also good to note on this, the noise reduction was done because of the 'crunch' of the grass.  Once that was removed a whisper sounded through this entire section of his recording as well
Also towards the end of the prelim, Drea catches this on her recorder.  Steph had a doggie with us on a leash, and she had whined a bit.  Drea suggested the dog whined because she needed to pee, and you hear a child giggle.
The Conclusion
Haunt here is more than likely not some man in a tuxedo.  Psychic based investigators felt and saw nothing.  Not one single thing LOL Which is highly unusual, since usually they can feel 'left over' stuff from the past in a place with such clear EVP!  But on this one, nothing.  The group skeptic obviously felt nothing, and was calm the whole time.... so why the EVP and images?  A mystery waiting to be solved for sure.

If anyone knows who this little girl might be, please let us know! We'd love the back story on this one!