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116 - Parker Cemetery - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  They are, quite frankly, sick of investigators.  Cemetery still there, but GET Permission!
City: Parker, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: The family is getting a bit irked by how many people go through here without permission and all hours of the day and night. Obey that closed gate or risk arrest! You have been warned.
The Story
Original Parker interments were made at a local cemetery located high on a hillside, just East of today’s Parker Road where the off ramp for South bound travelers on I 4-70 meets state highway 83 .( Parker Road ). This land was located on the Norman D´Arcy farm. Most of the hillside was removed during construction of the E-470 / Parker Road interchange.

​The haunting legend started many years ago, that children haunt the entire area and hang out in the cemetery.

The Investigation
The energy here is playful and kind. They played with the EMF reader horribly. The normal readings were in the 30-78 range ... but the images showing the most activity displays the times when one investigator said "OMG, they're playing again! This one is reading 11 thousand!" The majority of images we got were right near us. It seems that they enjoy company, and actually welcome the chance to be seen.  EMF - Between 30 up to 28 thousand. TEMP.- normal air temp reading was 71, Certain headstones read at 80-92 and certain cold spots went down to 12

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
An investigator asks "What is she doing?", and then immediately as male investigator attempts to answer question by saying, "She's......she's.....", When an unknown male voice interrupts saying, "Looking behind us...."
One investigator asks, "Why is always so cold on a haunting". The ghost chooses to answer, mentioning it's to 'Absorb the heat'
The Conclusion
Haunted, and active but friendly. If the gates are closed when you approach this cemetary, take it as a Do Not Enter. We encourage everyone going here to keep respect and quiet in this place, as well as going in smaller groups. Groups of 2-5 have had better results much quicker than groups of 5-15 have had. It's a small place, so take that into mind before you plan this one.