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110 - Mattie's House Of Mirrors

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  1946-A Market Street, Denver, CO 80202
City: Downtown Denver, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: To eat there no permission needed. Ask your server if you may take images or readings. To gain after hours full access, you'll have to talk to the owner/manager
The Story
Mattie Silks was Denver's best known Madame. She ran several brothels, but perhaps her most well known was Mattie Silks House of Mirrors. Born in 1846, Mattie Silks was a petite girl with blue eyes. By the age of 18, Mattie Silks was already running a brothel or "maisons de joie" in Springfield, Illinois. From there, Mattie Silks made her way west through Missouri to Colorado opening several brothels and settling in Georgetown, CO in 1875. Mattie Silks had several businesses lining present day Market Street, including Mattie Silks House of Mirrors located at 2009 Market Street. A keen businesswoman, Mattie Silks operated a genteel and well organized establishment. She had a dozen beautiful, well dressed girls. Mattie Silks' girls were provided a room and 2 meals a day plus full laundry services. The girls purchased their own clothing and they split their profits with Mattie Silks 50/50. Mattie Silks did not tolerate swearing or smoking and all customers were to be treated with the utmost respect.

Mattie Silks was buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver next to her first husband Cortez Thompson under the name Martha A. Ready. A few years before her death, Mattie Silks gave an interview and said:
"I went into the sporting life for business reasons and for no other. It was a way for a woman in those days to make money, and I made it. I considered myself then and I do now-as a businesswoman. I operated the best houses in town and I had as my clients the most important men in the West. I kept the names of my regular customers on a list. I never showed that list to anyone--nor will I tell you the names now. If a man did not conduct himself as a gentleman, he was not welcome nor ever permitted to come again. My customers knew I would not talk about them and they respected me for this. My houses were well kept and well furnished. They had better furnishings than any of my competitors. I never took a girl into my house who had no previous experience of life and men. That was a rule of mine. No innocent young girl was ever hired by me. And they came to me for the same reasons that I hired them. Because there was money in it for all of us."

The tunnel from the elevator in the basement leads directly to the Denver Capitol buildings, showing you who some of her clientele actually was.  At one point, she and another madam, Kate Fulton, had the first recorded duel in Denver between two women. In addition to being in competition with one another due to their brothels, both were involved romantically with the same man, Cortez Thomson, a local businessman. Both missed their targets, but Silks' bullet did strike a bystander, none other than Thomson, injuring him slightly.

Here's to Mattie Silks, Colorado's Queen of the Red Light District

The haunting here has apparently been seen by many guests of this building, now a restaurant well worth eating at! (Fantabulous food, srsly).  Not of Mattie herself but of her girls.

The Investigation
EMF topped off ... meaning our EMF gauge at the time went to the max on it's settings and just spiked between 800 and around 5000 or so.  No logged cold spots anywhere.  Investigators reported feeling very weak and woozy in the upper portion of the place.

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
All three of these were recorded remotely.  We left the recorders going and we all went outside for about an hour.  No living humans present at the time of these recordings.
The Conclusion
We all logged and agreed that this place is 100% actively haunted