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109 - Stanley Hotel - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Still in operation and allowing investigations with proper permission
City: Estes Park, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: This one is tricky. They love their haunted legend status. But bothering their guests will get you the boot. Better to ask before wandering around. No access to closed doors without full manager permission
The Story
You need US to tell you about the Stanley Hotel??? Psshaw and you call yourself a fan of the paranormal! 
In any case, this is the hotel Stephen King stays at for a good spooky time and when he needs more horror inspiration.  The Shining was based off this hotel.  It's on the list of Historical places and is widely investigated, getting loads of evidence from groups all over the world.

A lot of activity has been reported and recorded.  If you'd like to read more about it, their own website proudly talks about their ghosts!
The Stanley Hotel Official Ghost Page

The Investigation
Fun times!  We had temperature gauges going off all over this property, including the tunnel beneath it.  Ambient outdoor that night was 65 degrees, but drops logged as low as 22 in spots.  When checked again, the cold area had moved on.  Indoor ambient temp was around 71 degrees in all hallways and larger areas.  Again, cold spots logged as low as -3 .. yes ... NEGATIVE 3.  

EMF went nuts the entire time, bouncing high and low so dramatically we can't really report any normal average readings for this location.

Sadly our recorders were malfunctioning or perhaps just didn't want to work, because all our tapes and digital recordings were 100% of free of everything, even static.  I did run all of it through filters on an audio program, but it was flat lines all the way through.

The Images
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The Conclusion
Yup Haunted!  Yup totally safe for investigators and newbies alike!